Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I just got a call from my daughter Jamie who is in Valletta Malta.  She has been on a cruise since last Thursday and she sounded tired.  I immediately googled Valletta and the pictures I saw were beautiful.  The city is over 8,000 years old.......older than my comprehension.  I can't wait to see the vacation pictures.

My other daughter is somewhere in Mexico but I haven't heard from her.  She is my kid that trouble follows.  When the girls were in college they never went anywhere that I didn't get a crisis call.  There was the time Julie called form Dallas and the first words I heard were, "Mom, don't worry, the fire is OUT."   Of which I immediately replied, "WHAT FIRE and where are you?"  It seems that somehow the backseat of MY car had caught on fire for reasons unknown to any of its' passengers.  

When Julie was about 17 and still a fairly new driver she came home (in my car) with all the hubcaps missing from the right side of the car.  When I asked what happened she defensively responded, "Well, did you want me to hit the kid on the bicycle?"  As if that were her ONLY option.   Uhhhh how about just stop?

Then there was two years ago when they were again in Dallas and I got a call from the mall.  It seems the car was stolen while they were shopping.  They then got a rental car and that night a bullet came through the back left passenger window.  No kidding!  Fortunately no one was injured but it made me want to put them in a glass bubble and just keep them there.

So, I will be holding my breath until they are all safely home again!

                  Velletta Malta


marciamayo said...

My daughter and her friend, Amber, once ran into my house with my car. They were 14 at the time. I feel your pain, Dani.

Arkansas Patti said...

You sure you don't know where to pick up a bubble cheap?

kenju said...

I never had any fires, but there were several car wrecks and other stuff when my children were younger. Good luck with this time and I hope no one has to call!