Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hail, Hail, the gangs all here!

The sky opened up and the wind started blowing 70 mph sideways from the North and then God started throwing rocks at us!  If the rapture had been predicted for yesterday I would have thought it was indeed the end!
I was at work about 7:30 pm when this all started.  In the middle of the meeting we lost power and then it just sounded like the roof was being pelted with baseballs.   LOTS OF BASEBALLS.  When we went to the window you couldn't see a foot ahead because the hail was coming from the North and it just looked like a white wall.  I've never seen anything like it!  It seemed like the whole storm lasted about 45 minutes.  We finally finished our meeting by candlelight and by the time it was over so was the storm.

The city is a mess with broken power lines and trees snapped.  Fences are down everywhere and several roofs were torn off.  My new siding looks like it has pock marks.  I'll be making a call to the insurance adjuster.

The power of nature is impressive!


Arkansas Patti said...

Good grief, those are awesome. Wonder how many cars and roof were damaged.
Hope you insurance covers it all.

kenju said...

I hope you didn't sustain any damage. That's huge hail!