Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mike was confirmed into the church this morning.  He was very worried about his attire.  He told Ron the new pants they purchased yesterday were good but the zipper wasn't big enough.  This had some concern for him, something about using a urinal, which after a lengthy conversation with Ron, seemed to be resolved.  Mike looked very nice in his new outfit and all was going well until we got into the sanctuary where he rather loudly announced that he had forgotton to zip the "too big" zipper.    Oh well...........

Ron and I accompanied Mike to the alter and all proceeded as planned.  Mike only cried a couple of times during the service but otherwise enjoyed everything.  He was the center of attention!  Just the way he likes it.

All my men are now watching a baseball game and I've been working on some work I brought home.  I'm trying to get a little ahead so that I'll be ready for our trip on the 19th. 

The wedding is only 6 days away.  I don't know if we're ready or not or if the skies going to open up and rain or not but I am ready to get married!  It's raining today and cold!


kenju said...

I hope you will have great weather for the wedding!

marciamayo said...

I can't wait to hear about the wedding.