Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I think every mother the world over has said the following at one time or another - "Why can't I ever have anything nice?"  I can't even tell you how many times I asked that universal question.  None stands out as much in my mind as the time I finally got new carpet in my house.  My girls were about 12 at the time and the neutral beige carpet was replacing the 70's gold shag we had endured for so long.  

Now, I know the girls were just as proud of our new living room as I was but they just didn't have the same protective instinct.  Julie must not have been listening when I told her, "DO NOT paint your finger nails in the living room."  I'm not sure she heard me even as she spilled the bottle of red nail polish on the two day old carpet and I let out a banche scream that could wake the dead followed by, you guessed it, "WHY can't I have anything nice?" I think the only thing that saved the life of my child was the fact that I was suddenly reminded of the time I left a cottonball soaked with nail polish on my mother's brand new coffee table.  Sorry mom!  

All this only prepared me for the next day when I found the dog super glued to the carpet.  We had to cut a square hole out of the carpet to free her and then take her to the vet where it cost me a $100.00 carpet removal fee.  I didn't even bother to replace the carpet until my daughters were grown and the dog was dead.  Now I have laminate!


kenju said...

I'm sure you didn't think it was funny at the time, but it reads funny now!! I had two loveseats delivered to my house after reupholstering, and within the hour, our dog had torn both of them. I had to call the upholsterer to come back and get them. Luckily, he had just enough fabric left to re-do the skirts. I didn't tell my husband for years!

Once we were visiting friends (many years ago) and mr. kenju left a lit cigarette on an ashtray on their coffee table. She didn't see it roll off and it burned the whole length of the cigarette on the table. I was appalled!

kenju said...

That should have read "He" didn't see it.

MerCyn said...

We can all sympathize and probably have similar stories. My Ethan Allan coffee table was destroyed when my son decided to bang on it with a dog bone. I still don't have a coffee table.