Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Life with Riley

Does anyone remember the TV show "Life with Riley"...or at least I think that was what it was called.  I don't actually remember the show but I remember the title.  Anyway.......I guess I'm in a sitcom of my own..."Life with Mike".  

Mike had a good day yesterday.  He made it all day by himself at his house.  He had his list and he followed it to the letter.  It was funny because as he completed a task and crossed it off he called me to tell me he had completed it.  This went on all day but thank goodness I work in such a compassionate place.  After all we deal with children with disabilities.

I picked him up after work but before we left his house we planned his day for today.  He said he couldn't do any mental work so we decided dusting the furniture would be a good job for today.  Of course I had to put a post-it note on every piece of furniture that needed dusting.  It was colorful to say the least.  He is also to shower and do one load of laundry.  He will fix his own lunch and snack today and then rest this afternoon.  

We discussed the voices again this morning and how he thought the receptionist at the doctor's office was speaking to him in code.  He also told me the news channel was trying to fool him and lying to him.  He wanted to know when they would stop using such exaggerated body language.

I said, "So, the news people are sitting around writing stories and saying, we can fool Mike Simpson with this story".  

Mike laughed and said, "That's not logical, they don't know my name."

"Bingo"  and we both chuckled a little.  However, it made me aware that we are sitting on the edge of his psychosis and I have to really stay aware of what's going on with him.

We had breakfast together this morning and talked about his plans for the day.  I told him he was going to his "office" for the day and I to mine.  Ron picked him up at 8:00 after I had left for work and was taking Mike to his "office" so we will see how day 2 proceeds.

I want Mike to spend the day in his own house because if there is a chance that he can become independent again he needs to get used to being at home again.  I know he can't stay alone at night but so far the day time is working out although one day probably is too soon to judge.

I thought I knew a lot about schizophrenia but I realize there is soooo much more to learn.  


marciamayo said...

Dani, I'm exhausted just reading this. Please take care of yourself.

kenju said...

What Marcia Said.

I remember that show...I think it was the Life of Riley.

Arkansas Patti said...

I can't believe the stress you must be under. Please put a little time for yourself in there so you don't burn out.
Prayers for all of you.