Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Electroshock Therapy

The hospital is recommending electroshock therapy for my brother.  We are trying to educate ourselves on what was once considered a barbaric treatment.  Of course I have found groups that are very positive about the treatment and others who are not.  It is hard to reach an informed conclusion.  We watched a video with Mike today on the actual  procedure and saw interviews with patients who have received the treatment.  It is estimated that there is an 80% success rate with the treatment.  They want to give it to Mike because they don't feel he is stabilizing as well as they would like.  It will be to treat his depression and to try and prevent a reoccurence of his psychosis.  Right now they believe he will have another episode in the near future.  This would definitely prohibit Ron and I from taking care of him at home. 

I haven't formed an opinion yet.  I've read some possible side effects and though none of them sound too horrible individually, combined they don't sound like fun.  Of course the grand mall seizure that is induced doesn't sound like fun but he would be sedated and isn't supposed to have any memory of the event afterward.  There may be memory loss, severe headaches (duh) confusion..... but overall it doesn't sound like he has much to lose by trying.  There would be 12 treatments.  In the end the decision is Mike's to make.  We are just trying to be supportive.


kenju said...

I only know of one person who had to have them and it was back in the 50's. I wish I knew more about it. I did see a documentary on TV about the side effects, but I don't really remember what the conclusion was (if any).

marciamayo said...

I don't see how much of anything could be worse than what he is going through now.

Arkansas Patti said...

I do know of one person who had them and they really helped her. I agree with marcia.