Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Day After

Nope, not the day after the "big one" well, sorta I suppose.  It is the day after Christmas.  For some people it is a bit of a let down after so much anticipation but for me it is a calm morning full of potential.  I get to enjoy the Christmas lights for at least another week, although there are people in town who sometimes leave them up way into Spring! 

All the wrapping and trappings have been  removed and the Christmas dinner is a thing of the past.  Well, not past since a great deal of it now resides on my thighs.  But, who cares?  We are happy and content.  Or at least most of us.  Ron has a terrible cold and he has coughed and hacked his way through Christmas and if he isn't better by tomorrow much to HIS surprise he will find himself at the doctor's office.

I've been granddog sitting since last Thursday any my little charges are going home today.  They are sweet but I'm ready to be an empty nester again. (ha)  Now if they managed to call me Grandma they'd be staying forever.

I'm not sure what the day holds in store for me.  Mike will probably spend some time at his house today, since that is a goal we have set and he is doing very well.  He did tell me that he got lonely there yesterday but we talked about it and we know that lots of people have those feelings at times.  We discussed ways to cope with those feelings and I assured him that if it is ever too much for him then he only has to call and I'll pick him up.   I think he spent about 4 hours alone yesterday.  He did a load of laundry and folded and put it away.  He fixed himself a snack mid-afternoon.  He showered and put on his Christmas duds!  By 4:30 he was packed and ready to come back to my house.  (A successful day)

Mike has an appointment on the 29th (our mother's birthday) to meet with his mental health casemanager.  On Monday I'm going to the tribal clinic to talk to his doctor's nurse.  I need to get some of the prescriptions written that were ordered from St. Anthony's Hospital.  I have to have all this in order to apply for the prescription assistance.  I figure if I go in person I'll have a better chance of getting something done.

Sooooooooo happy December 26th!  May your day be filled with wonder!

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kenju said...

It is good to know that Mike seems to be responding to his meds and that you set a good schedule for him to follow. Even if he gets lonely, it must be good for him to realize that he is able to function on his own.