Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Best Day So Far

Mike had a great day today.  The meeting with his mental health case manager went well.  He has some ideas for referrals that will help Mike develop some independent living skills.  Mike will also see a psychiatrist at least once/month and his case manager as well.

The home health nurse called and she will see Mike twice a week for the next 3 weeks.  She wants to establish a relationship with Mike and gain his trust before she has any new people start coming into the house.  Because Mike is a paranoid schizophrenic it is important that he form a relationship with anyone who comes into the house.  I really like this nurse.  She already understands a lot about Mike.  It really touched my heart when she left yesterday she made a point to hug Mike good-bye.  I'm always sensitive to how people react to him and I want people to see his sweet side. 

Tomorrow they are delivering the new recliners I purchased for Mike and Ron.  I can just see them now sprawled out with the intention of watching a game on the big screen tv and both of them snoring away.

I haven't let myself even think about Ron's cancer.  It's more than I can handle right now.  February is looming out there but I just won't let myself go there.  I'm praying as hard as I can that they were wrong about it spreading to his lungs.  I'm praying for a miracle!  I believe miracles happen every day!


marciamayo said...

I think Ron helping you with Mike right now is just what he needs to feel important and strong and healthy. Miracles are funny things.

Arkansas Patti said...

I agree with marcia totally. Also I am so glad you have the nurse coming in and that she seems to be such a blessing. You need a break, she can give you that.
Your days are so roller coaster, lets hope 2011 is levels out a bit for you.