Friday, October 15, 2010


Ron is having his CT chest x-ray today.  We will get the results next Friday.  I am so glad it is Friday.  Ron is going to the football game tomorrow and I am having lunch with a friend and going to see a movie on Saturday.

My brother Mike checked himself into the hospital psych. unit Wednesday night.  He's having a lot of trouble dealing with Ron's impending surgery and the earthquake Wednesday just kind of sent him on over the edge.  I'm leaving work early today to go by and check on him and brag on him for being so proactive and recognizing he needed some help.  He didn't even call me this time, he called our older brother.  He didn't want me worrying about him......that almost made me cry when I heard it.


marciamayo said...

Just when you thought you'd have an easy weekend. Take it easy, kid. Don't try to hold up the earth all by yourself.

kenju said...

Marcia is right (and I love the way she put it).

Arkansas Patti said...

Your plate is way too full. I agree with Marcia also.
I hate that they make us wait a week for results. Surely that could be done sooner.