Friday, October 22, 2010


The results of the recent liver tests indicate the cancer has not invaded the liver.  However, he does have 3 tumors in his left lung.  This will be confirmed by a PET scan sometime next week and if it is confirmed they will not be doing surgery.  Ron will be referred to an oncologist instead.  I really don't know what any of this means so I'm still in a wait and see mode.    I don't really understand why they will not do surgery??????  I keep thinking "HURRY UP AND GET IT OUT".  So, I'm lost.

I did convince Ron to call his daughter tomorrow.  He's not in a good place today so I agree it would be better to wait until tomorrow.

Tomorrow my daughters are having their 40th birthday "USO" swing party.  I wish I felt festive.


kenju said...

That's not good news. I'm sorry and I hope that the oncologist will have a good idea of how to tackle the tumors.

Arkansas Patti said...

Daily they are coming up with new and wonderful treatments. Ask the oncologist about all "new" methods.
John Hopkins site had this statement.

"Treating lung cancer with vaccination. Researchers are studying a vaccine, called MAGE-A3 Antigen-Specific Cancer Immunotherapeutic, that appears to trigger the patient's immune system to identify and attack cancer cells without harming normal cells. Results from an ongoing clinical trial of this vaccine, called MAGRIT (MAGE-A3 as Adjuvant, Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Immunotherapy),"
There are always options, hope and prayer. I will work on the prayer angle, you all check out all options and don't let go of hope.

oklhdan said...

Thanks everyone. I have already started researching cancer treatment options. I talked to Ron about going to the Cancer Treatment Center in Tulsa and he is onboard. I did learn that the lung cancer is the same renal cell carcinoma. So far everything has indicated it doesn't respond to chemo or radiation. That it is a surgical cancer only. I'm not sure what that means in relationship to the lungs. I'm not giving up....and it's a matter of getting our game play together.

marciamayo said...

I think having a plan is, by far, the best thing to do and the place in Tulsa sounds like a good plan.