Monday, October 4, 2010

Ma Ma's Cousin Wanda

All my life I have enjoyed hearing stories about my mother's cousin, Wanda.  They were first cousins and Wanda's father and my grandmother were brother and sister.  Mom's Uncle Chester married Aunt Pearl and together they raised five girls,  Doris, Nancy, Cordillia (Cordy), Mary Lou, and Wanda.  I can't imagine what their house was like or how my uncle survived all the hormonal swings in the family but according to my mother their house was never dull. 

I recognized that cousin Wanda was ditzy, even for a blonde, when I was a kid.  My favorite adventure was the time my mother and Wanda with me in tow went to town to purchase a pair of shoes.  It wasn't a far walk to town so cousin Wanda, Mom and I headed on foot to the nearest shoe store.  The two women were chatting away and I wasn't tagging far behind when Wanda let out squeal as she spied a small dog lying in the road.  She ran immediately to the dog and while cradling it in her arms she brought it back to the curb where my mother and I looked on.  Wanda had recognized the dog immediately as her neighbor's small Rat Terrier Moochie.  Without a seond thought Wanda put the little dog in her shopping bag to take home to her neighbor. 

Now Wanda figured that delaying the bad news for a little while wouldn't hurt anyone least of all Moochie's owner so she decided to finish her  shopping before heading home to tell her friend about the demise of her dog.  So we continued on our journey, Wanda, Mom and myself with Moochie along for the ride.   Soon we were walking through the front door of the department store and it appeared that I was the only one thinking about the dead dog in the shopping bag.  Mom and Wanda were immediately blissfully engrossed in trying on shoes as Wanda's shopping bag lay on the floor next to her purse.  Even I forgot about Moochie when I spotted the smart looking pair of black patten Maryjane shoes I had always wanted.

Pretty soon we had all our purchases and headed to the checkout counter.  Mother paid for our shoes and they were placed in a store bag.  Then Wanda's shoes were rung up on the register.  The check-out girl asked Wanda if she would like them in a bag just as Wanda put her own shopping bag up on the counter.  Without a moments hesitation Wanda reached in the bag and pulled out a stiff Moochie laying him on the counter with all fours pointing skyward.   Then she picked up the shoe box and placed it at the bottom of the bag while this poor girl looked on in horror.  No explanation was given as Cousin Wanda thanked the girl and headed for the door with Moochie back in the bag resting on top of the shoebox.  


marciamayo said...

Dani, I laughed out loud at this one. You can sure tell a story. How did Wanda turn out in the long run?

Olga said...

Oh, good grief! What a funny story. There are some interesting characters in the world.

oklhdan said...

Cousin Wanda is now 89 years old and living with her daughter. She is still just as quirky as ever and we love her!

kenju said...

I'll bet that sales girl is still telling THAT story!! LOL

Arkansas Patti said...

OMG that is priceless. Now I have to find that sales lady's blog.