Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Whose got YOUR number?

Since I have no grand children I can only relay the stories of my daughter's kindergarten students.  Each year I get a whole new batch of stories and when I hear them I know it's these moments that keep teachers in the classroom. (It sure isn't the pay)

One of Julie's kindergarten boys was misbehaving and ignoring her warnings to stop when she finally told him she would be calling his mother.  He looked shocked and then said, "You don't know her number."  

To his surprise Julie answered, "Yes, I have your mother's phone number, she gave it to me at Parent/Teacher night."  

The little boy burst into tears sobbing, "If'd I'd have known that I'd have acted better."

Gee........wouldn't we all?

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kenju said...

Lesson learned!! LOL

That is priceless.