Friday, May 7, 2010

On the mend!

My daughter's surgery went well but it was a long day.  She was in the hospital at 8am but didn't get into surgery until 12:00.  We were home by 5pm.  I stayed all night with her and got up ever 3 hours to give her pain meds.  We managed to stay ahead of the pain and she did really well.  She started therapy today and tolerated it pretty good.  Soooooo everything is going great and I hope her rehab. goes just as well.  She has about 4 months of rehab. ahead.  The doctor didn't know why the last surgery failed but this time they did a donor graph.  He just said she was in that 10% failure rate and the cause is unknown.  I sure hope this one heals the way it is supposed to. 

It is only 8pm but I'm to bed!


Olga said...

It's good to hear that the surgery went well.
Happy Mother's Day.

Arkansas Patti said...

Wonderful news. I know it is a load off your mind. Now both of you get some rest. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.