Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Who needs an ego when you have a brother?

OK, I can take a lot of criticism but even I have a limit.  Vanity has never been a huge issue for me as I have always accepted the fact that I was never going to walk a runway in Paris or be a beauty contestant but I wasn't prepared for the honest observation of my brother.  Now, mind you, my brother has no filters and knows no social boundaries and for the most part I'm prepared for just about anything that comes out of his mouth.  But the other day he called me and said he had something he needed to talk to me about.  I said go ahead and he answered, "I've been thinking about it for four days....you don't look right."

"Don't look right, what do you mean?"

"Your face doesn't look right."

Thinking he was concerned for my health I said, "Do you think I look sick?"

"No, he said, your face looks like it is melting."

Realizing that my brother's schizophrenia might be talking here I inquired further.  "Is it my wrinkles?"

Without hesitation he said "Yeah, that's it".

Good grief..............now I have to be insulted by my hallucinatory brother.  I said, "I'm 60 years old, I'm supposed to have wrinkles, I'm not melting for heavens sake so stop worrying.  I'll still be around to cook for you."

That seemed to satisfy him but I told him to NEVER say that to another woman.  They might not be so forgiving!

I don't have to worry about getting a big head as long as he is around!:)


Linda said...

Some people have no filters. I have a friend that had a stroke that removed all her filters. Sometimes she catches me by surprise with her comments, things she would never have said in her pre-stroke days.

Olga said...

Bless his heart.

kenju said...

Oh, Lord. Poor you.If he were my brother I might have slugged him.

I know all about people with "no filters"; since mr. kenju had a stroke, he has none at all! I keep telling him to think before he speaks, but it seldom works.

Arkansas Patti said...

So that is what some people are missing, "filters".
Sorry but I really had to laugh at the idea of a melting face. Somehow that seems to aptly describe aging in "other people" certainly not us.