Thursday, February 25, 2010

Time for Change

I'm taking a day off tomorrow.  This has been a very busy week and I had so much overtime already I thought I'd just take off.  I'm really tired.  At our Tuesday night Board meeting our Commission selected a new Director.  Our hospital was established in 1948  by members of the 40 et 8, an honor society of the American Legion.  It was an all male veterans organization until just about 4 years ago when they finally accepted female veterans into their organization.  Until just a few years ago our Board excluded females from membership but now we have our first female CEO.  She has been the Deputy for a few years and I think she will be very effective as the new CEO. So....we've come a long way baby!  It's been a long time since I've had a female boss.  In fact, not since 1978.   The other thing about this change is that VK and I were roommates for about 7 years.  She commuted every other week from Florida and while she was here she lived with me.  Sooo this will be the first time I ever had a personal relationship with my boss.  That could make for an interesting dynamic at times.  Change is not always easy but it can also provide an opportunity for growth and new ideas.


Arkansas Patti said...

At least you know all ready that you get along with her. Enjoy the change.
I always preferred a male boss. You can always flirt with a male one to get your way.
You can tell I am old school.

Linda said...

I've had male and female bosses through the years and much prefer male bosses. Since you've known your boss for a number of years I have no doubt you'll manage to work well together. However politics in the work place has a way of changing people. Hope for the best and work to make it happen.

kenju said...

People often change when they become in charge of you, so to speak.

Years ago I had a friendship with a local guy who worked in flowers shops and for a wholesaler. He worked with me sometimes and even helped me with my daughter's wedding flowers.

As soon as he became the manager of the wholesale place, he became very curt and stand-offish with me. He thought I was going to try and trade on our friendship to take advantage of him as the manager. I was hurt that he thought that of me - as I would never have done that.

I hope your woman friend/now manager is "bigger" than that.