Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I pass your grave every day. It is the last marker at the corner of the I00F cemetery. There is a stop light there and I look to the right and there you are. I never knew you and we are not related but I see your marker and wonder about you. Your marker is simple and the stone is worn from time. It says simply Susie, wife of O.E. Sheets, died October 10th and the rest is worn away. I don’t know exactly when I first noticed your grave. It must have been a day when my mind wandered as I waited for the light to change. Your grave sits close to the rode just on the other side of the fence. There is no one else near you. Since that first day I have looked over and greeted you with, “Hi Susie” each morning. My children heard me say hello to you one day and asked, “Who is Susie?” I answered that I didn’t know but that we say hello just the same. I thought it was strange that you are only identified as the wife of O.E. Sheets. I wonder about you. You must have been fairly young when you died. Your marker doesn’t say beloved wife and mother. Did you have children? What were your dreams? For the past 30 years I have passed your marker and greeted you each day, “Hi Susie” I hope you hear me. I hope you know you are not forgotten. I hope all your dreams came true.

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kenju said...

You sound like me. I don't pass a cemetery often, but I always wonder about the people when I do.

I hope Susie got all her dreams too.