Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday night and I finally finished refinishing my vanity. Actually it belonged to my mother and is the one I remember her sitting at while I watched her brush her hair. It didn't match any of my bedroom furniture so I refinished it. I'd say the match is pretty darn good. I sure don't get things done as quickly as I used to. I have to work awhile then rest awhile. I have bad arthiritis in my hands and I can't do what I once did. A few years ago I had surgery to remove the basil thumb joints in each hand. The surgery is tough but it was well worth it. I just don't have the grip strength I once had and my hands get tired. No more piano playing or hand sewing but I can do just about anything else I want to do. Modern medicine...sure is good. I just wish it were affordable for everyone but I guess we won't see it done this go around. At least they tried.


Arkansas Patti said...

I still haven't given up on HC though it does seem like it is flounderin.
So glad you were able to get help.
PS. My blog roll is not working. It says you have not posted in 3 days. I do rely on it and hope it is fixed soon.

oklhdan said...

It's right...I didn't post on Friday and Saturday. I've been so busy I didn't post.

kenju said...

Will you post a photo of the vanity? I'd love to see it.