Saturday, August 29, 2009

I went with Ron yesterday for his bladder scope. He has kidney cancer and will have his kidney removed probably next week. I think I was prepared for the news but it came as a big shock to Ron. The doctor said he has a 50/50 chance of it coming back in the next 5 years but I thought that was pretty typical for any cancer diagnosis. The good news is that they didn't see anything on the CT scan on the liver or lungs. He said they won't know for certain until they get in to take it out but hopefully it hasn't spread. The tumor is very large so they will do the surgery abdominally rather than from the back. So, we will just take it all one step at a time!


Arkansas Patti said...

I was really hoping for kidney stones but at least you now know what you are facing and can get on with getting rid of it.
I know somewhat of how Ron feels for I have been mucking about with bladder cancer for 9 years. You are NEVER prepared to hear that word attached to you. Just know that it can be beaten.
Praying his surgery goes very smoothly and for a quick recovery.
You are both in my prayers.

Betty said...

Sorry to hear about Ron's cancer. But, many types of cancer are curable these days, and who knows how many more kinds will be curable within five years. Good luck to Ron, and to you.

oklhdan said...

Thanks Patti and Betty.... I told Ron about your experience Patti hoping it would let him know that he's not the first or the last to hear such news. I can't tell how he is doing right now. He has turned inward and isn't talking much. He's also so tired. He just doesn't have any energy at all. We are ready to get this thing out and to see where we go from here. Thanks for all your kind thoughts and prayers.