Thursday, November 13, 2008


My five days off was great. Although we didn't spend the night in Dallas we did get as far as Frisco and to Ikea. WOW....My new favorite store. I sure wish we had one closer but I guess I shouldn't complain. It's only a 3 hour drive from here but next time I go I will go with a list, measurements, and a TRUCK! Ron and I were actually a little overwhelmed by all the stuff but agreed it was really a neat place. If you were a young couple just starting out it is a great place to buy furniture and accessories at a very reasonable price and it is all young and contemporary. I really liked it. I found the chair I went there to purchase...(one Christmas present done) Picked up a couple of really cool picture frames. I couldn't resist them but have absolutely no place to hang them. They are very large.....white....contemporary....square...and hold a 12X12 picture. Soooo I purchased some scrapbook papers in various designs and colors and tried them out. Looks really good. They will look better in my daughter's very contemporary home so another Christmas present done. We then went to the Frisco mall and did more shopping but after that we were pretty much whipped and decided to drive back home rather than stay the night. My arthritis makes sleeping anywhere but in my own bed a little difficult. Guess I'm the party pooper. We decided we will definitely think about a trip in the near future. We are so different. I'm the democrat but I live very conservatively and Ron is the republican who spends like there is no tomorrow. Maybe that isn't so far off after all. Bush definitely spent like there was no tomorrow and there nearly wasn't one.

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kenju said...

I've only been to Ikea once and it is probably a good thing there's not one close to me! I loved it; especially the kitchen gadget area, dishes and linens.

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