Thursday, September 1, 2016

Moving on

Well, we didn't get the condo.  The owner wouldn't come down at all and it was overpriced by $20,000.  I'm just waiting to see if he gets his asking price.

One good thing from all this is that Mike is willing to move and in fact very excited about the idea.  We also got some good advise about what to list his house for and what we can expect to get for it.

Ron and I were at his house yesterday cleaning up the back yard.  We are going to get the outside of the house painted.  Don't have an estimate yet on what that will cost but the realtor recommended we get it done before we list his house.  We are also getting someone to clean up the landscape.  

Tomorrow my daughter has surgery on her shoulder.  Ron and I are going to the hospital with her in the morning.  I am going to sub for her in her classroom next week.  I sure hope I have enough stamina to keep up with 40 preschoolers!

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Olga Hebert said...

That is an insane number of preschoolers to deal with in a day! But have fun. Speedy recovery to your daughter.