Friday, August 12, 2016

Just because life brings you a cactus it doesn't mean you have to sit on it!

Saw the orthopedist yesterday and I'm officially discharged now that I'm two years post-op.  I only go back when I'm ready to begin injections on my knee.  He said I'll know when it is time.  I'm still able to walk and I know it isn't time yet.

Today is medication day.  Ron and I go over to Mike's to fill his med planners.  We fill enough to last two weeks.  

Saturdays are when Ron goes over to help Mike clean his electric razor, empty his vacuum cleaner canister, and give him is Arby's and Subway gift cards.  We put enough money on the cards so he can go out to lunch twice a week.  Both places are within walking distance from his house and he loves going out.  

Sunday is church with Mike and the day we take his meals over for the week.

I just finished mowing our front yard while Ron and Bella went to the Indian Clinic to pick up Mike's meds from the pharmacy.  I was trying to get the yard done before it gets to horribly hot.  I'm trying to remember to keep myself hydrated (something I don't do very well which results in horrible foot cramps) ugh

I know I say this a lot but Ron is just the most loving, caring person to have ever blessed my life.  It still amazes me that he signed on to be a part of my crazy life.  Not many men would have taken on the job of caregiver to someone with schizophrenia.  But he treats my brother with such respect and shows him compassion and understanding every day.  He realizes that some day my brother may have to live with us and he just assures me that everything will be OK.  He told me yesterday that he knows the only way he can take care of me and be sure I'm OK is to make sure Mike is OK.  God, how I love this gentle man.  I don't look at him without thinking what a miracle it is that somehow we ended up together.  It only took 52 years but here we are.  He truly was my first love (six year-old love but love none-the-less).  I know we will be together until the end.

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Olga Hebert said...

What a touching tribute to Ron. It brought tears to my eyes.