Thursday, February 11, 2016

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful husband Ron!  Ron is 67 years young today!  He is having lunch today with his long time friend since junior high.  He and Frank are going out for lunch at a friends barbecue restaurant.  Then this evening we are going out with my daughters, Julie's husband and Jamie's new beau.  Yes, daughter #2 has met a very nice gentleman and she wants us to meet him this evening.  He has 4 daughters from a previous marriage all age 10.  Three of them are triplets and one was adopted from China.  He and his former wife had just been to China to get their adopted daughter when then found out they were expecting.  Two of the triplets are identical twins.  According to Jamie "He's a Ron".  A compliment that almost brought my husband to tears.

Jamie said he (Mike) has a Ph.d. in educational psychology and teaches at the university.  They have been spending a lot of time together and Ron and I both noticed a little giddiness when my daughter speaks about him. It's just good to see her smile again.

We are slowly putting the freshly painted rooms back together.  It sure is hard to hammer a nail in the wall after they have been painted.  But it's coming together!

We are expecting 74 degree temps here next Tuesday.  And here I thought it was winter! 

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Florence said...

I'm on the Texas Gulf Coast and we are supposed to hit 79 today!
I'm glad that your daughter is seeing someone who makes her feel special.
We've finished with the interior house painting here too. It was so nice to get everything put back where it belongs.