Friday, August 14, 2015

It was a Mike day

It's been a busy two days.  Yesterday we worked in our backyard all day.  Cut down some bushes that were half dead and just cleaned up in general.

Today we were surprised by rain in the middle of August.  That's unheard of around here but this has been a summer of surprises.  

We did all our Mike errands.  Got his meds and filled his med planners.  I took a bunch of food over to his house and filled his freezer with meals.  He called us the minute we got home and somehow thought his phone had died and jumped up and went to his neighbors to call us.  He was convinced his phone didn't work so Ron drove back over to his house and sure enough the phone was just fine.  He was just in a panic.

I finally convinced him to stop wearing goggles in the shower.  That was a major accomplishment!  He's been wearing them for almost 5 years.  We got him to give up the snorkel 4 years ago but we couldn't talk him out of the goggles.  This became a hygiene problem concerning his eyes.  The eye doctor had some concern so I talked Mike into giving up the goggles.  We will see how that goes.  It's always something with him!

Like I said before........I don't know how we ever found time to work!

I'm just about tuckered out so I'm going to bed early.

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Olga Hebert said...

OMG, what an image of wearing snorkel and goggles into the shower! If you write a book people will wonder how you are able to make this stuff up.