Friday, August 7, 2015

I don't know how I ever had time to work!

The week is almost over and I'm beginning to wonder how I ever had time to work. We have been so busy every day this week that each day has flown by. We are busy all day long with one project or another. The thing I like the most about retirement so far is that I don't have to live by anyone's clock other than my own. Today we got up early to go grocery shopping. It was crowds to fight. Only down side was we were going to pick up something at the deli but it wasn't open that early. I didn't think I purchased that much but the bill said otherwise. I was shocked.........going to have to figure out a budget or one of us will be looking for a part-time job. 

Ron's daughter sent us the football schedule for Ron's grandson. Now we can start pinning down a date for our trip to N. Carolina. I'm ready to get some plans finalized. 

I finally got the bill for my night guard. Another shocker. $1,600 for a piece of plastic! I admit it has helped a lot but $1,600? I'm waiting to see how much my dental insurance is going to pay. My jaw does feel a lot better. I still feel funny every time I put it in my mouth. Ron likes the fact that I can't talk with it in my mouth so I'm not keeping him awake jabbering all night. I guess there is always a positive side to everything. 

Today I plan to get outside and wash my car. It is filthy. Our heat index is going to be 110 so I'd better get it done this morning.

Mike got his feelings hurt this morning. He has a tendency to just badger and push people in order to get what he wants. He called at 7am to see if we are going to church on Sunday. This bugs Ron and he doesn't like being pushed so he told him he hadn't decided yet. Evidently this wasn't what Mike wanted to hear and a few minutes later he called back to apologize for getting mad at Ron. (we didn't even know he was mad) What the real issue is he want's to know if I will be feeding him lunch on Sunday. Our normal routine is to go to church and then either take him to lunch or have him to our house for lunch. What Ron doesn't like is being pushed to do something. Me I feel like I'm caught in the middle. I don't like being pushed and pressured by Mike either but I kind of understand his illness. It's a constant struggle to not have him take over our lives. I'm not sure where the balance is but I'll keep working to find it.

Did anyone bother watching the Republican debate last night. I watched more than 1/2 of it. I am beginning to understand why Trump is appealing to young people. He says a lot of things they want said. What they don't understand or question is just how do they think Trump will accomplish all the rhetoric he spouts? I learned a long time ago that talk is cheap...........

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Olga Hebert said...

I have often wondered how it is people can work and carry on a life...ever since I retired myself.