Thursday, April 2, 2015

It really makes me sad to see politicians attempting to use religion as a legal way to allow discrimination.  First of all I don't think politicians really care about anything other that pleasing voters in order to get elected.  And this whole thing about refusing to provide service to someone who is gay because of your "christian" beliefs is nuts.  If you don't believe in homosexuality then don't be a homosexual.  Since when did people start asking people what their sexual identity is before selling them a pair of shoes, a cake, or anything else for that matter.  I just don't get it! 

They have been comparing the Indiana RFA to the Federal RFA written by Senator Ted Kennedy and introduced by Senator Chuck Schumer in 1993.   Senator Schumer states that the Governor of Illinois is saying the two laws merely "mirror" one another and Senator Schumer says only if you are using a fun house mirror.  He describes the differences as "First, the federal RFRA was written narrowly to protect individuals’ religious freedom from government interference unless the government or state had a compelling interest. If ever there was a compelling state interest, it is to prevent discrimination. The federal law was not contemplated to, has never been, and could never be used to justify discrimination against gays and lesbians, in the name of religious freedom or anything else."

"Second, the federal RFRA was written to protect individuals’ interests from government interference, but the Indiana RFRA protects private companies and corporations. When a person or company enters the marketplace, they are doing so voluntarily, and the federal RFRA was never intended to apply to them as it would to private individuals. Because of these significant, legal differences, the Indiana RFRA in no way resembles the intent or application of the federal RFRA."
Plus I've never thought that it was anyone's "Christian" obligation to judge others.  That's hard to find in the New Testament.  Or at least I can't find where Jesus was teaching us to judge thy neighbor.

I have to keep checking my calendar to see what year it is.  I'd swear we've been teleported right back to 1955.


Olga Hebert said...

Excellent post. Well done, and may it be truly heard.

Arkansas Patti said...

"If you don't believe in homosexuality then don't be a homosexual." That makes perfect,simple sense for the haters to chew on and I will likely borrow it. At least Asa Hutchinson here in Arkansas is finally seeing the writing on the wall and is backing off for now anyway. Making Walmart angry might have helped his decision. Good post.

kenju said...

Excellent post, which mirrors my own opinions. I was interested to see the woman who owns the pizza place say that she would sell to people who cohabit outside of marriage as long as they are man and woman, and to women who have borne babies out of wedlock. She acknowledged that was a sin too, but a "different kind of sin". There goes the judgement again. We are not supposed to do that.