Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I was thinking about something this morning as I watched the news.  They were talking about the trial of the young man who killed Chris Kyle, on whom The American Sniper movie was based.  Of course the young man's defense (Eddie Routh) is temporary insanity.  What made me pause was they told of how Kyle had sent a text to his friend Chad Littlefield and other murder victim (who was in sitting in the front seat of the car with Chris) stating,  "This dude is straight up nuts " referring to  Routh who was in the back seat. After they got out of the car he then gives the kid a gun? Really?  You already think he is crazy so you give him a gun?  That really confuses me.


Olga Hebert said...

Thank you for saying this, too! Really, a shooting range as therapy for PTSD?? What were they thinking???

oklhdan said...

That's exactly what I thought Olga. As well intentioned as Chris Kyle was he was not a therapist.