Monday, November 10, 2014

Getting ready for the arctic blast!

Well, the wind is sweeping down the plain around here and going to be sweeping even harder tomorrow.  This is our last day of warm weather and tonight the thermometer drops big time.  We are going to cover the outside faucets tonight and get ready for the arctic blast!

I met a woman yesterday at church who had both her knees replaced at the same time and only 5 weeks ago.  She is up moving and going without so much as a limp.  Did find out we have the same doctor but she's only in her 40's so he was willing to do both her knees at the same time.  Either way it was a good recommendation.  Of course you couldn't pay me to have both my knees replaced at the same time!

My daughter had to put her cat Tillie down this morning.  She and her husband rescued Tillie about 4 years ago and they were told at the time that she was a very old cat.  About 2 weeks ago Tillie went blind literally over night.  They worked and worked with her to try and help her acclimate but the poor cat would do nothing but walk in circles and cry.  It was just awful to watch.  They took her to the vet on Saturday and he advised them to put her down.  So they spent the entire weekend holding and stroking Tillie (and telling her good-bye).  

It is amazing how animals can work their way into our hearts even an old be-dragled stray cat like Tillie.  Jamie always said Tillie acted as if she were being forced to live with them.  I think she had led a very independent life on the streets before she was "rescued" by two tender hearted animal lovers.


kenju said...

I can't imagine what an animal goes through when they go blind. It must be horrible for them.

Both knees? NO WAY! I hope yours are not that bad.

Aunt Betsy said...

Oh, that poor cat! To be so independent and then blind... must have scared it to death. And I agree, animals sure can tug at our heartstrings when it is their time to go. Hope everyone stays warm. In Amarillo it is frigid.... took my dog for the last walk of the day and wind chill was 1 degree. (QUICK walk!)