Thursday, January 2, 2014

Medical Update

Well, Happy New Year to all.  Here is hoping that 2014 will bring peace and good health to all!

I had my MRI done New Year's Eve and thanks to my sweet daughter I got through it without a hitch.  I had really gotten anxious about it since the last one I had I got a little claustrophobic and they had to stop and give me something to calm down.  This time I kept the rag over my eyes and Jamie was able to sit in the room and put her hand on my foot.  I don't know why that was reassuring but it really worked.  I'll get the results on January 10th. and I see the surgeon on January 16th. 

I have an appointment with my primary doctor on the 7th and I'm going to ask her about prescribing something for depression and anxiety.  I'm afraid my emotions are running away with me and my anxiety over Mike is just wearing me down.  I've got to get a grip on all this.  If for no other reason than I really need a good night's sleep!

Christmas was quiet.  My niece was admitted to the hospital on the 23rd by her dad.  She's going downhill like a bobsled.  Her drinking has just increased and it's definitely put her health at risk.  Her dad (my brother) wants to believe her and support her but I'm afraid it will be to his detriment.  She will suck the life out of him physically, emotionally and financially if he doesn't set some boundaries.  But she isn't my daughter and it is easier for me to say that.

I'm not going to be posting regularly for awhile.  I have just too many irons in the fire right now.  My boss is hiring someone to replace me with the understanding that when I'm rebuilt from the waist down I will have the option of returning if I want to.  That's a promise I hope is honored.  Of course we all know how retirement can be forced upon workers and they may happen in my case.  Fortunately I have enough leave to cover me through this year while I get overhauled.  I'll be 66 in 18 months and that will be just about enough time to get all the surgeries behind me (I hope).

My next big hurdle is to see if my insurance will approve these surgeries...............keep fingers crossed because I don't know what I'll do if they don't.


Meryl Baer said...

Thinking positive thoughts and prayers for you through this difficult time.

Aunt Betsy said...

Oh gosh, I sure hope your insurance does not give you any trouble! Hope you get what you need done and feel like a new person!

Olga said...

All positive thoughts for you my best prayers.

oklhdan said...

Thank you to all! This is just a bump in the road! But all your positive words really does help!

Pastel Moose said...

Just wanted to give you a New Year's ((((((HUG)))))).

You'll be so blessed ... for all that you do for everyone else. I understand how hard it is between you and your Brother. I have the same difficulty with my son. It's so hard when you can't "fix someone else's problems.

I had to retire 8 years early due to my back. It was not planned, was not expected. Turned out to be a blessing, though. I hope your surgeries give you time to see the blessings in your own life.

Thank you for sharing so much of yourself over these years.

We might be only names and nicknames on a computer screen; but, we've grown to really care about you and your husband your brother and the rest of your family.

This time for making New Year's resolutions is a perfect time for you to start putting yourself closer to the top of the list. I've suffered from chronic pain for over 20 years ... I know how it can wear you down. Hopefully, these surgeries will be the first in a long line of blessings for you and your loved ones this year.



oklhdan said...

Oh Barb...I can't thank you enough for your kindness! sometimes I worry that I share TOO much but I've always been an open book! I realize that everyone has struggles at times and none of us walk alone! Believe it or not I'm really a happy person by nature but every now and then I do get a little overwhelmed by life! I tend to think I can take care of evero e and I forget to take care of myself!