Wednesday, November 20, 2013

tids and bits

Thank goodness my knee is feeling better this morning.  I iced it last night and it is definitely better.  But I did finally find a doctor willing to see me.  He is the orthopedist that operated on my daughter 3 times and they have become pretty good friends.  Julie called him and he said he would see me.  I'm sure he will order an MRI and then at least tell me if I need to see someone else.

NOW the MRI is another ball of wax.  Claustrophobia and MRI machines don't mix.  I didn't do any better in an open MRI either.  They had to take me out 3 times before they finally gave me something to relax.  It isn't so much the fear of small spaces that gets me it is the not being able to move.  I just freak out!!!!!!!  But I'm going to have Ron with me this time and if he just sits and touches my foot I think I'll do better.  We'll see.

Since I've been having so much trouble walking my sweet husband has pretty much taken over the house work.  He just bustles around every morning making the bed, taking out the trash and straightening up the house.  That's on top of waiting on me hand and foot.  I told him this morning I'm not used to someone having to take care of me and his sweet answer was, "Well, it's your turn".  I'm so grateful!

My daughter's doctor has prescribed Victoza for her diabetes.  She says it has really helped many of her patients control their blood sugar.  So, then I read that my daughter's insurance, which is the same as mine, will not cover Victoza after Jan. 1, 2014.  I researched other insurance companies and they are not covering it either because it is a new drug.  It will cost $545.00 a month excluding the needles which were another $54.00.

Here is why I am in favor of a one payer system.  I may pay more in taxes or whatever but at least I can budget for it.  Our current system isn't working.



Aunt Betsy said...

Glad you found a Dr and hope the MRI goes well.

Deb said...

Oh, so sorry to hear about your knee. Are you hypermobile (bendy?) My hip, knee and ankle problems are due to being too flexible. Too much range of motion.

I hear you and certainly sympathize on the claustrophobia. I had a specialized CT heart scan a few years back. The cylinder, which was very loud, moved *continuously*, was only 1/2" from the end of my nose. I had to lay there for 25 minutes fighting the urge to scream, break and run.

I don't mind small spaces as a rule, but I was in an iron lung as a 14 month-old baby, due to paralytic polio, and though I don't remember it consciously it's certainly back there and being in a small cylinder is anxiety-provoking.

Hope you are better soon!