Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sunday Concert

Once a year my daughter and her husband host a home concert for their neighbors and friends.  This year's concert was this past Sunday evening and Ron and I enjoyed a wonderful night of music, friends and food.  The performer this year was a young man named Ernie Halter.  I hadn't heard his music before Sunday night but I really enjoyed hearing him.  I googled the following information about Ernie:

Ernie Halter is an American singer/songwriter, also known as the "Cuboslavian". He was signed to Rock Ridge Music. Born in Inglewood, CA in 1974 and raised in Orange County, Halter started playing piano when he was 8, guitar when he was 14,and writing his own songs when he was 16. His first disc Lo-Fidelity came out in 2005, followed by Congress Hotel in 2007. Halter's music is mainly influenced by artists such as Beatles, Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder and The Go-Go's. Burial sampled from Halter's song 'Whisper' in his 2007 album Untrue. Justin Bieber made a cover of his original song 'Come home to me' in 2011. He toured through much of the United States. 

This is a song he played that I just loved. He performed Sunday with just a guitar and it was very intimate.  This song especially spoke to anyone struggling with something in their life.  Check him out!

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Olga said...

Very nice! That must have been a lovely evening.