Wednesday, October 16, 2013

OOOklahoma where the wind comes straight from the Gov's office.

Ron got his schedule yesterday and after 5 weeks he will be working 11:00 - 8:00 Mon-Friday and sometimes Saturday.  So, in the scheme of things we won't be together much since I work 8 -4 but he will have two more hours a day to call his own and that's what matters.  He'll have his mornings to schedule doctor appointments, etc. and that will be a great help.

Yesterday the Gov. of my fair state said that state agencies will not be using state money to maintain services.  She says Oklahoma is not in the business of bailing out the Federal government.   “The state of Oklahoma doesn’t have the resources to prop up federal programs with state dollars if the federal government shutdown continues."

What she's really saying is....."I have high political aspirations and I'm up for re-election in Oklahoma where blue is the dominant color.'Oh, and I hate Obama."

So you Oklahomans who are expecting services can just sit on it!  Your state doesn't have your back.  

That my friends is the difference between liberals and conservatives.  


Paisely Brook said...

old people vote, old people use these services. My father in law says don't hack off a retired person, because they have lots of free campaign for a new governor.

Olga said...

I cannot comprehend the negative attitudes about Affordable health care for all. Are we really that selfish as a nation?

Deb said...

Oklahoma is a blue state? Aren't blue states Democrat? I thought it was red states which are Republican. And I can't believe these politicians can simply abandon their most vulnerable based on their political stripe.

That's like your children are starving to death and when someone offers you a loaf of white bread, you turn it down because it's not whole wheat, or raisin, or flax and sesame. Then when the children die you blame the people who offered the bread you refused.

I swear, anyone who votes Republican in the next election has a death wish for the country.