Monday, August 19, 2013


About the first week in July my daughter sent one of her dogs to our house because of her kitchen renovation.  She sent Bella, aka Bella Boo, aka Bella Lagrosy.  You see Bella is their problem child.  She doesn't like their other two dogs and is nervous and scared of everything.  So they thought it would be easier on Bella and everyone concerned if she stayed with us until the kitchen is finished.

Bella hadn't been with us a week when we told Jamie we didn't think she was the same dog they had described.  At Jamie's house Bella just hides under the bed.  At their house she is terrified of storms.  At their house Bella won't let them hold her and she is not affectionate.

At our house she is fearless.  She loves to cuddle and no storm is a match for her.  I think this is one dog that just wants to be an ONLY dog.  She and Ron are now bonded!  She is ten years old and has a number of health issues.  She has an ongoing infection that makes her eyes tear excessively.  The infection also affects her gums so she has lost all her front teeth.  It also gave her bad breath. (hince the name Bella Lagrosy) She takes eye drops twice a day.  She has congestive heart failure and takes a pill for that.  She got expelled from the groomers because she wouldn't let anyone touch her.  She's a mess! 

But, she has stolen our hearts!  Ron and I are stupid crazy about this pitiful little dog.  She sleeps at the end of our bed and she just prances when Ron comes in the door.  She sits with me to watch tv and she's just as sweet as she can be.  The last time my daughter came by to see her she gave her a quick hello and then came back to sit beside me.  

Every evening Ron takes her for a ride in his car.  They usually end up at McDonald's where he gets her a plain hamburger.  No wonder she's such a happy camper!

But, this weekend we had noticed her cough had gotten significantly worse so Ron took her to her usual vet and they said she had congested lungs.  They gave her a prescription to get the fluid off and sent her home.  She threw up all over Ron on the way home and then twice again.  We went to get her prescription filled and by the time we got home she could no longer walk or stand up.  We then took her to an emergency clinic and they kept her over night.  They called to say she has pneumonia so she stayed again last night.  The last update was that her fever broke but she isn't eating.  My son-in-law will check on her this morning.

Oh how quickly our hearts are stolen by one of God's most loyal creatures!

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Deb said...

Oh, pulling for little Bella (the heart-thief) to get well and soon.

It's amazing how quickly a four-legger finds and fills an empty place in your heart you didn't even know was there!

Hugs from Canada,