Monday, April 1, 2013

The introvert and the extrovert....

I'm such an open my blog well demonstrates.  I share my every thought with the world.  In that respect I guess I have no filter much the same as my dear sweet brother.  I grew up in a family that was loud and demonstrative.  When you are the youngest and only girl in a family of boys you have to learn to shout to be heard.  My parents were quite verbal and we talked about everything no subject was forbidden fodder.  Ron grew up an only child with very quiet parents.  They spent their time reading and just being together but silently.   

So, this brings us to our issue.  Ron is the one with cancer.  He is very private and doesn't talk to anyone about it.  I on the other hand have a need to talk and reach out to others for support.  How do I respect his privacy and meet my needs as well?  Yesterday when our minister asked me about Ron's health I told her that something was found on Ron's last CAT scan and that it was recommended it come out.  I then said Ron would tell her about it himself after he sees the surgeon.  

Now Ron wasn't mad at me but I could tell he would rather I hadn't told her anything.  He wasn't going to tell anyone at church. I felt bad about it but I told him I really welcome all the prayers we can get. 

Ron has two childhood friends that he has remained close to his whole life.  These two men now come to me for information on Ron's health because they know he won't tell them anything.  I told them I can't say anything out of respect to Ron but it just makes me crazy.  These guys want to help us in any way possible to include supporting me and frankly I could use the support.  I'm terrified!  

Oh the lessons we are asked to learn!

Easter was good with the exception of the hail storm that hit our fair town.  I think Ron and I were spared but my daughter's cars were severely damaged and hail balls came through their skylights in their home.  Needless to say it put a damper on the picnic.  I tried to remind everyone that things are just things.....replaceable.  In ten years those cars will just be old cars that they want to replace.  There are too many things in this world that no amount of money can "fix".  Be grateful for each day and rejoice in it.

Good grief.....I just read what I wrote and it hit me like a rock.  Here I am sharing every detail of Ron's health on my blog.  I'm really respecting my husband's privacy.  Yet, he reads it every day and has never commented in a negative way.  I guess I just have to tell his friends to read my blog!


Gillian Novak said...

My Dad was that way. I respected his wishes to keep things private - right up to the point where I knew that the Priest from the church needed to know so Dad could be added to the prayer list. I think Dad was actually grateful to know he was getting the extra prayers and the Priest was there to talk if he needed it.

Linda said...

Oh my, I would be in a real mess in this situation. Like you I want people to know because I need their support. Bless you as you work through this situation.

Anonymous said...

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