Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Shake Rattle and Roll

Last night we had 5 earthquakes and I slept through all of them.  Never felt a thing.  I think the strongest was reported at 4.9.  

Earthquakes are becoming a routine occurrence around here.  I've lived here 61 years and this is definitely new to me.  I think we always had them before but they were so small we were unaware of them.  They've gained enough intensity to get our attention now....that is if you don't sleep like a rock.

My heart goes out to those in Boston.  I'm also praying that we do not see a repeat performance during the Oklahoma City marathon scheduled for next month.  I'd hate to see Timothy McVeigh's legacy of hate carried forward.

I know that it is way too premature to even speculate who is responsible for this latest act of violence.  My first thought is always someone with a mental illness because it is hard to imagine a sane, rational person doing something so horrific.  But even if they do find it is someone mentally unstable I doubt it will be enough to get anyone to look at the problems associated with mental illness and the lack of services we provide to these individuals.  We decided years ago that they should all be integrated into communities........so how's that working for us?  They are on the streets, in jails, prisons, etc.  The public deserves to be protected from unstable people and they deserve treatment.  

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