Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thank you AARP!

I feel like a clogged blogger....nothing much to say and nothing much going on.  I managed to get Mike's taxes done yesterday after I hit a snag trying to figure it out myself.  I couldn't read the tax statement sent to him by Edward R. Jones.......duh....  I was pretty sure he wasn't going to have to file a return but I really wanted to be sure.

Thanks to the AARP and their volunteers I was able to get it done for free.  I was hoping I would learn something at the same time but I really didn't.  I know Mike doesn't have to file a return but they did file to get his $40.00 rebate on state sales tax.  Mike was happy about that.

Mike was a little emotional yesterday.  Just talking about the IRS gets him excited.  He was hospitalized in the past when he got the idea that the IRS was going to put him in prison.  His paranoia led him to a suicide attempt and a two month hospitalization.  But he's past all that today and his world is brighter.

I checked on the activities schedule at the senior citizen center and tried to interest Mike in some of the activities.  I don't know if Mike's short attention span will work against him but since he likes to exercise I thought he might do Tai Chi or the stretching and toning sessions.  They also had western line dancing which he might really like.  He didn't seem too interested in anything I was suggesting but I won't give up. 

His loneliness is the biggest issue and I'm back to thinking about a little dog.  I just have to realize that it could end up being MY dog and I need to be sure that I'm OK with that.  The other concern is that Mike would just get obsessed about the dog and that could turn into a real problem.  I've really got to give this some thought!


kenju said...

I would think long and hard about that. I could foresee all kinds of trouble later on, even though he might benefit from the companionship.
I would try to make sure it is a type of dog that is calm and quiet.

Diane J Standiford said...

I have wanted a big dog for so long--a helper dog. One day, one day...

Florence said...

Your brother is so fortunate to have such a loving sister!

Patrick said...

I am always in awe of all you do for everyone.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick