Monday, June 25, 2012


Ron and I attended our 45th high school class reunion Saturday night.  Ron is much more of a social butterfly than myself and he had a great time.  It is surprising how well attended the event was though not as well as in past years.  Fifty-four of our classmates have died since graduation.  Five of them in Vietnam at the ripe old age of 18.  Sad to think they never had the chance to fulfill their dreams.

The remainder of our weekend was spent purchasing a new lawnmower after weighing the pros and cons of repairing the deceased one.  Fortunately we found a good sale and I think we made the right choice to purchase a new one.  It costs a fortune anymore to get anything repaired.

Mike called me 10 minutes before Ron and I were to leave for the reunion to tell me he was thinking about suicide.  I talked to him for awhile and got him settled down.  I then called my other brother to have him check on him.  But of course I couldn't relax most of the evening because I can't help but worry about him.  I'm fairly confident that his suicidal thoughts are just that....thoughts but you never know for sure.   By Sunday morning he was fine.  He dressed up in his new clothes for church and looked so good.    I guess his mental state is a roller coaster ride that will never end.


Arkansas Patti said...

Could some of his meds be causing those thoughts? You hear all the time that those thoughts can be side effects. How hard it must be for you to deal with the threats. So glad he recovered so well.
I admire your courage going to a reunion. Glad you had a good time.

Muffy's Marks said...

That's so tough, it seems every time you have something planned, Mike has issues. Is he afraid if you do something out of the ordinary, you won't come back. Whatever the case, you and Ron can't be giving up all the fun stuff!!! I'mm glad you had fun!!