Sunday, May 27, 2012

We picked up Mike for church this morning only to get there and find out that we have gone to the summer schedule and we were an hour late.  Since we are back to one service instead of two we missed out altogether.  Guess we didn't read our church bulletin very well.

So, we took Mike to lunch "one of his favorite hangouts" Scholotzky's.  He said he wanted to go see his girlfriend.  The manager is a sweet lady who always gives Mike a little extra attention.  He loves it~

We've had a pretty quiet week.  I've been off work and just vegitating.  Ron is off until Tuesday.  His CT scan was postponed until May 31st due to insurance restrictions.  We won't get the rsults until June 5th.  He told me today he is more anxious about this scan than in the past.  He said he is having pain in his side (where his kidney was removed).  That's the first time he's mentioned any discomfort.  We will just have to wait and see what the results are.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


I have high hopes for this weekend.  It is just the start of my leave from work.  I'm off two weeks and it couldn't have come at a better time.  We are wanting to have a yard sale partly to clear out some stuff from our house but also to help the girls clear out a lot of their teaching tools; games, supplies, etc. 

I have been burned out at work lately and I guess it shows.  My enthusiasm is shrinking and I guess I'm just tired.  So, this will be a nice respite and a chance to refuel.  I have so much annual leave built up I'm not required to use some of it.  I will still have 4 more weeks I have to take before the end of the year.  Ron and I are hoping to visit his daughter in October if his tests turn out OK.  We are being very brave planning almost 6 months ahead.  I hope we aren't tempting fate......

Monday, May 14, 2012

Fading Traditions

When I was young I remember my mother always wearing a pink or red corsage on Mother’s Day.  She told me the tradition was to wear a colored flower if you mother was living and that the white flowers worn were in memory of a mother who had passed.   I remember watching closely at church to see how many women and men had lost their mothers.  I also remember the year my mother changed her corsage to white.

So, this year Mike told me he wanted to wear a white rose in memory of our mother so Ron got two white boutonnieres for he and Mike and a white corsage for me.  When we got to church it was immediately obvious that this tradition was no longer being practiced, at least not at our church.  We looked like prom dates!  But, Mike proudly told everyone he met that he was wearing a white rose in memory of his “saintly” mother.  I could almost hear my mother chuckle at that one.

Appropriately, it was children's Sunday and the children presented the entire service.  It was precious.  They even did a lively cheer for "moms" and for all they do.  There is no sweeter song than "Jesus Loves Me" sung by young and old.

After church we took Mike to lunch.  Ron and I both noticed a tremor in his hands that we hadn't seen before.  I have to make a note to tell his psychiatrist as this can be a sign of Tardive Dyskinesia.    When a patient has been taking certain prescription drugs over a long period of time, often in high dosages, involuntary, repetitive tic-like movements can result, primarily in the facial muscles or (less commonly) the limbs, fingers and toes. This is especially true in psychotropic drugs like Thorazine so we are always keeping a watchful eye to see if Mike is being affected.

I got to spend a little time with the two young women responsible for making me a mother.  Jamie and I went shopping and to lunch on Saturday and Julie came by yesterday with flowers.  All in all it was a wonderful Mother's Day weekend.  I hope it was for all of you as well!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We took some time off and had a long weekend.  We celebrated our 1st anniversary by going out to dinner.  We still had a gift card from the wedding to a very nice local restaurant and even though we splurged with appetizers, etc. we still have 1/2 the gift card left and will plan to go again sometime.  

It was a nice weekend.  The weather was perfect and Ron cleaned out some of the flower beds.  Since I've been having so much trouble with my hip he even ran the vacuum and mopped for me.  That was sooooooo appreciated!  Why we even washed windows.  I can see clearly now the crud is gone....

Isn't it amazing how our wishes and wants change over the years?  How helping with housework becomes just about the most romantic thing your husband can do.  

On Sunday we went to a furniture store to look at recliners.  Poor Ron has been sitting in a dainty wingback chair ever since the wedding.  We need to find a wallsaver recliner that will fit his 6'2" frame.  We worked with a very pleasant woman who showed us a lot of options but we needed to take measurements to make sure the chair would fit in our small room.  In the course of our meeting Ron mentioned that it was our anniversary.  She asked how we met and Ron told her "1st grade".  This led of course to more questions and us gladly sharing our story.  As we left she said, "Maybe there is hope for me."  I couldn't help but remember how many times I said the same thing during my 34 years of being single. 

It's so wonderful having a partner in life and I adore him more every day!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Assertive or obnoxious, that is the question.

In my attempt to assert myself with the contractor I realized I'm also trying to assure myself that I can stand up for myself when necessary.  Something I've never really been good at doing.  Since Ron and I married last year I have let go of a lot of my control.  I started letting him handle things.  I think I'm trying to remind myself that I can still handle things even if he were not here.  I guess I'm just constantly reminded of Ron's cancer and the possibility of losing him.

The company tried to back out of their responsibility for the job stating they didn't know the contractor had even done the work.  I sent them a copy of previous emails where they indicated they would do the work and then one from the contractor introducing himself and stating he worked for the company I contacted.  I told him just what we were unhappy about and that I expected them to stand behind their work.  I'm now waiting for a response.

I hope this works out but either way I'm taking comfort in the fact that I have stood up for myself and expressed my displeasure.  Normally, I'd just take the hit and move on.  I'm just not going so easy this time.


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Faith Renewed

Well, the owner of the company we hired to do the driveway came out this morning.  He was not impressed by the work of his contractor and assured us that he will take care of the problem.  It renewed my faith in people caring about their reputation and the quality of their work.  Although, I have to actually see something happen before my faith is renewed 100%.  He asked us to give him a couple of days to work something out.  So we shall see.

Mike is attempting his first culinary attempt today.  He is making tuna salad.  I told him once he sees how easy it is he will never have to rely on anyone to make it for him again.  He's feeling very proud of his progress (as he should).  He's just doing so much better.  Every day is just a little brighter.  For both of us!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Miraculous Healing

The lawn mower had a miraculous healing and started working this morning.  Ron was getting ready to take it back to the shop for repair and decided to try starting it one more time.  Hallelujah it started!  He tried it 3 more times to be sure and 3 more times it started right up.  We have no idea what was wrong with it but I assure you the cord would not pull.  It was stuck tighter than a drum.  But this morning it was healed.  Finally, we caught a break.  Ron was happy and that makes me happy!

Yesterday I received an email from a friend letting me know that President Obama is a racist.  I think this finding is based on the fact that he is appealing to the African American voter.  I guess if you appeal to the affluent white voter you are an elitist.  Ron tried to tell me that the fury is because if Romney asked for the white vote he would be called a racist.  Gad....this crap just makes me furious.  


Tuesday, May 1, 2012

I think it therefore it is so

A long time ago (when my daughters were just babies) my first husband and I moved into a brand new apartment.  The bathroom had this red glowing fixture in the ceiling.  I thought it was a sunlamp and that we had moved into a really "swanky" place.  Every day I'd sit on the edge of the bathtub buck naked and bask in the glow of the lamp.  Periodically I would look to see if I was getting a healthy glow and sure enough I saw a pinkish hue which I was sure would turn to a golden brown.   I proudly showed off my "tan" to my husband and he fell off his chair in hysterical laughter after I told I'd been sunbathing in the bathroom.  Seems I was tanning by the glow of the bathroom heater!  It just goes to show you the power of positive thinking.....I believed it and therefore it was so! 

This same apartment was located on the 9th hole of the University Golf Course.  Well,  the back of our apartment was a few yards away from the 9th hole.  One day I came out of the master bathroom wearing nothing by my birthday suit and a smile unaware of the fact that my husband had opened the drapes to the picture window.  Just as I got halfway to the bed I looked up to see a golfer smiling at me through the window.  Seems he was looking for his stray golf ball and found a peep show instead.  I immediately dove under the bed.  
Now what?  My husband was gone and the babies were napping in their cribs.  Every time I peaked out from under the dust ruffle the same guy was smiling and waving at me.  Finally I backed out from under the bed pulling the bedspread off the bed.  I wrapped myself in it and walked to the window to close the drapes.  

I'm proud to say I did get a standing ovation!