Thursday, October 27, 2011

Living day by day

I don't know where the week has gone.  It seems the past 4 days have just flown by and I haven't had time to figure out what day it is.  When things get too hectic I have to tell myself to slow down and pay attention to what is really important, Ron and our time together.  It will be 6 months since our wedding on Nov. 7th.  I think I need to plan a little get-away for us.   Maybe a trip to Dallas.  We only have a few weeks until he takes his next CT scan.  

The Internet is an invaluable source of information right at our fingertips but sometimes there is almost too much information--or at least more than I can handle at times.  I've researched everything I can find on Ron's type of cancer and with what I've learned I have just enough information to scare me to death.  You can learn about average survival rate and what to expect next but you are always hoping and praying your situation will be the exception.  You want to be informed but optimistic and sometimes it is hard to be both.  If I go by the average survival rate of 5 years we only have 3 years remaining.  I know better than to think that way and to just live in 3 month increments.  I am always telling myself "We have today" and that's all that matters.

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