Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday Ron and I attended the Blessing of the Animals service at our church.  It was so sweet.  I've never seen such well behaved dogs in my life.  There was absolutely no barking and the only sound we heard was when a large hound decided to howl along with the clarinet playing.  There was one dog though that I just couldn't take my eyes off.  She has the longest eyelashes I've ever seen in my life.

This picture isn't her but it looks just like her. This dog is a Schnoodle but the owner I spoke with said her dog was a rescue dog and though she knows she's some kind of terrier she didn't know what kind. Her vet said the dog looks like Elsie the cow with those eyes and so that's how she got her name. Elsie!

Her owner expressed how this little girl had saved her life. She found her in a Walmart parking lot 3 months after her husband had died. After watching the dog nearly get hit by a car she decided to load her up and take her home. She has had her now for 2 years and she said she is her best friend and faithful companion.

Isn't it wonderful how animals touch our lives and give us such devotion whether we deserve it or not.

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Arkansas Patti said...

No one will ever love us as unconditionally as a dog will and they ask so little in return. The thing I like most is that they never have a bad day and could care less if your butt looks big. How lucky he came into her life when she needed help.
That dog is has to be a terrier. They have the biggest eyes and shamelessly know how to use them.