Thursday, September 8, 2011

Three Blind Mice

Some days my brother really tests my last nerve.  I'm not proud of that fact but it just comes with the territory.  He has developed a fixation on his eyes.  He was seen by the Ophthalmologist  who diagnosed him with allergies.  No big surprise since he is allergic to everything in nature.  His eyes get matted and they will water, itch and burn.  He has some prescription eye drops and he uses artificial tears when needed.  But..........he is so fixated on it that he thinks he is totally debilitated because of his eyes.  

He called me at least 30 times yesterday which was a clue that he was obsessing about something.  At 2pm he called and asked me to come over at 5:00 if he wasn't any better.  I asked him what was wrong and he replied, "I'm blind."

"What do you mean your blind?" I asked.

"My eyes shut down....I'm blind...I've been blind all day." responded Mike.

Hmmmmmmm the other 29 calls there was no mention of being BLIND.

This has become an every day topic.  He is driving me nuts with this.  He wanted the neighbor to come over and help him.  I asked him what he needed help with and he said, "To go to the bathroom."

I got frustrated and told him I was sure he could find the bathroom with his eyes closed and I know he knows where his (pardon the expression) pecker is so leave the poor neighbor alone.

He wears goggles in the shower and now he's blind.  Of course he was no longer blind at 4:00.  The neighbor came over and put drops in Mike's eyes and low and behold........the blind can see!!!  Pardon my sarcasm - it's just a tension release.

God.........give me patience....but hurry!


Arkansas Patti said...

This has to be trying for you, especially all the phone calls. I can only imagine how trying it is for him.
Hope this clears up for him so you can both get a rest.

kenju said...

What Patti said. I don't blame you for being frustrated - and don't apologize for ranting. You need to, I am sure.