Monday, August 8, 2011

Surgery Update

I'm back after a weekend of caregiving.  My poor daughter is struggling to recooperate but having a great deal of pain.  She is allergic to the surgical glue so she has horrible blisters around the incision site.  She was allergic to the plastic tubing used for her IV and her arm is swollen and spotted with hives.  She's a mess!  She is having those post-surgical blues where she thinks she made a mistake allowing anyone to operate on her.  She thinks her pain is far worse than before surgery.  Unfortunately, her surgeon told her she would have immediate pain relief in her back and the only thing she would have is a sore throat!  Not the case.  They have not been able to reach her doctor to see what is going on but hopefully they'll make contact today.

Now, to top things off our air conditioner decided to quit with 109 temperatures expected today.  We were fortunate enough to find someone who could come out today so we're lucky!  Now, I have to pray it doesn't break the bank to fix it!

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Arkansas Patti said...

Oh my, what miserable complications. I sure hope she gets some relief today. She is back in my prayers.
Mercy, a broken A/C is everyones greatest fear these days. Hope he can fix it cheaply but fix it for sure.