Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to the Drawing Board

Well, as much as I wanted to believe I had found the miracle elixir (substitute for milk) I wasn't successful.  I found out this morning when I was called by the security alarm company that Mike's alarm was going off.  I got in the car and drove to his house after being unable to reach him by phone.  I arrived as the police drove up.  Mike was fine but a little disoriented.  He had accidentally set off his alarm and with the commotion he got a little rattled.  Fortunately he was fine and that's all that mattered.

I decided to sit with him for awhile until he calmed down when I noticed he had a really bright red rash on his side.  Sure enough it is a reaction to the Rice milk.  When he has reactions like that they can also affect his thinking.  This explained all the confusion this morning.  

Poor guy!  I wanted to cry......but we both decided it was worth trying.  I doctored his rash and will see what else is out there.  It appears though that being allergic to every grain known to man will present a challenge.  I just hope that his reaction is limited to that one spot.  I've seen him when 1/2 of his body was a red as a tomato and on fire.  It's very painful too.

Due to the drought my house has slipped off it's axis.  I had piers placed around the foundation because my house sits on clay soil.  I try to keep the foundation wet but this heat is too much and my efforts have not paid off.  So, the house has shifted once again and a crack has re-opened on the side of the house.  I have a lifetime warranty on the piers but since they aren't making anymore money off of me the company doesn't jump right on the job.  

So.....I guess Mike isn't the only one who has slipped a few degrees off his axis! :)

Yesterday I was advised that my daughter Julie will have spinal surgery tomorrow.  She has 5 ruptured discs in her back and a narrowing around the spinal cord with a lot of nerves compressed.  This was due to her ski accident two years ago.  She has had two ACL surgeries on her knee and now this. 

My other daughter learned that she has Kienbock's disease.  A rare disease that affects the lunate bone in the wrist.  The bone dies from lack of blood flow.  Her disease is at stage 4 which means the bone is dead and crumbling.  There is no cure but surgery may eliviate some of the pain with some loss of motion.  Fortunately it is her non-dominant hand.  She has to have an MRI to determine which surgery option will be used.  She will probably plan for surgery during one of her school breaks.

We're All Falling Apart!


kenju said...

That's enough bad news to last a lifetime. Hoping for the best for all of you.

Arkansas Patti said...

Mercy child, how do you manage?
Both your daughters are in my prayers. Lets get all you axis problems on the level again.