Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today is the first time Ron has ever said he's worried.  For the past 3 days he has been so fatigued he's hardly talking.  He told me last night that he is more fatigued now than he was the day after surgery.  He's still losing weight and gets more tired each day.  I have to admit I'm really worried too.  If he's this tired now what will he feel like by the time we take the trip to Richmond, VA.  It's isn't until the 19th of May but the trip is centered around watching his grandson play lacrosse in a tournament all weekend.  I'm just afraid it will be too much for Ron and that he will push himself too hard.  But, just as I write that I know I have to let him decide what he wants to do.   This trip may be the last time he has the opportunity to see his grandson play or even see his daughter so I have to chill out and let him run his own show.


marciamayo said...

yep, you do have to let him decide. Dani, you're instincts are the best and your love for Ron with see you through.

Arkansas Patti said...

Marcia perusual is right.
I'd check with the doctor to see it there is something he could take to help with energy levels.

oklhdan said...

I called the doctor as suggested and he started him on a vitamin and something to help him sleep.