Monday, February 21, 2011

The House Is Empty

Everything sold at the estate sale and I mean everything.  There isn't even a nic-nac left, just the dust bunnies where the furniture used to sit.  I was absolutely astonished!  There were over 500 Nascar replicas and everyone one of them is gone.  These people did a fantastic job with the sale and they were so nice and sensitive to the situation.  They treated all of Ron's parent's things with such respect and I was so appreciative.  All we have left to do is have the house cleaned and move the rest of Ron's personal things (clothes and pictures) to my house.  We are moving his bedroom suite to Mike's house but I'm not even sure why now.  Since Mike's future is uncertain.  We'll get a final total on the sale by the end of the week.

I'm so torn about my brother.  He is so scared and anxious about a nursing home that it gets me to thinking maybe there is another way.  The only way I could take care of both Ron and Mike is if I were retired and I'm just not old enough yet.  I really need to work another 4 1/2 years.  However I will be 62 in July and I may have to seriously think about retiring then.  Caregiving is a full time job and I seem to have 3 full time jobs at the moment.

The moment Ron moved into the house everything started falling apart.  The dishwasher quit working, there is a crack in the tile around the bathtub, I need an electrician and some major sheetrock repair.  Good grief.  That's what comes with an old house I guess.  I'll tackle one thing at a time.

I am going to spend every day just loving Ron and supporting him the best way I can.  However he needs to go through this journey I will take my cue from him.  If he remains optimistic and hopeful to the end I will be careful not to put doubt in his mind and I'll be right there to cheer him on.  There are so  many lessons to learn and I will do my best.


Olga said...

Wow, amazing news about the sale.

marciamayo said...

If you think you can afford it, I think you should retire. Even if you can't afford it, you probably should anyway. Later, when things setting down you can find a part time (or a full time) job if you need it.

oklhdan said...

Marcia, I really am considering just that. I won't be 62 until July and then I can do the math and see how it comes out.