Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Another Good Day

Mike had  another great day today!  We are going to the clinic tomorrow for his doctor's appointment so I should know where we are going with his medications.  Once I know what the clinic will be able to provide I can get some idea of where to get help for what they don't have.  I'm taking him to social security to see about Medicare prescription coverage and also applying for help through another drug program.  Just waiting for the doctor's appointment.

His thinking is getting a lot better.  His psychiatric nurse will see him again tomorrow and she asked me to get him some watercolor paper.  They are going to paint together tomorrow.  She's showing him how he can use painting to help him describe some of his visual hallucinations.  He has a hard time describing them with words.  He told me he didn't hear the voices today so that is good.

One of Mike's neighbors and friend is coming over tomorrow to paint the bedroom I've been working on.  That will really save me some time and work.  It was so nice of him to offer to help.....people are really kind.

My minister sent me a booklet on wedding planning.  I feel kind of silly.  I'm too old to be a bride!  Ron and I are planning something very simple but we would like to get married in the church.  Our church has a small chapel that would probably be perfect or we could get married in the church parlor.  Either one would be good. 

Well, I'd better get that watercolor paper for my budding artist!


Olga said...

Certainly not too old! Like hearing about good days for your brother.

Arkansas Patti said...

What a positive post, I am so happy for you.
I'm with Judy and you, just get married right away, with family in tow, simple and quick. Next week too soon??

marciamayo said...

definitely not too old