Thursday, September 16, 2010

Building Walls or Re-writing History?

I love technology though I'm not particularly savy on all its uses and still fight my tendency to feel intimidated yet I recognize that with this new age of communication comes responsibility.  I'm amazed every day by the emails I receive from naive friends who somehow follow the philosophy that it is written therefore it must be so.  Yesterday I received a link to David Barton's religious tour of congress.  It amazes me that someone can take text out of context and interpret it to meet his own agenda and everyone takes it as holy gospel!  Fear seems to be the driving force.  Are we just terrified of anything that is different?  Or is all of this just politically motivated?  I mean Jefferson, Adams, and any other political figure of the day wrote for the times in which they were living.  Can't we consider the need to do the same.  This is a different world and my guess is that if these historical figures were alive today their tone would reflect our present world.  I, for one, would be eager to listen to what they would have to say.  

Extremism of any kind is a very dangerous thing.


Olga said...

I agree with you 100%.

kenju said...

So do I!

marciamayo said...

sad people with their crazy ideas - or should I say lack of ideas.