Thursday, May 20, 2010

What's On My Mind....

After another evening of tornado sirens and threats of baseball size hail and torrential rainfall, Ron and I rolled down the windows and went for a drive.  The air was so clean and it smelled so good.  A tense evening of watching the weather turned out to be a delightful evening after all.  I am sorry for everyone who did get that awful hail.  Baseball size hail can do unbelievable damage.  I'm dreading to see if Oklahoma home insurance rates increase again after all the severe weather we have had lately.  Not to mention the insurance companies that threaten and often do cancel policies if you have the audacity to file a claim.  So, what's the use of having insurance?

Ron and I are going to Poteau, OK over memorial weekend to the cemetery to put flowers on my parents graves and to see if the new family marker has been set.  My brother had his name put on the stone but I didn't.  It would freak me out to see my name on a tombstone.  Since I've been a notary public for the past 40 years I think I just want a stone with a notary seal on it that says simply "My Commission Expired".  I think that gets right to the point!

 I'm going to avoid the whole experience for as long as possible!


kenju said...

Someone sent me an email today of the baseball sized hail that fell on OK - and it was unbelievable. They were filming a swimming pool and it looked like real baseballs hitting the water. The splashes were so high!!

Arkansas Patti said...

Worried about you all when I heard what you were facing. Fortunately it lost steam as it hit Arkansas.
Totally loved your cartoons especially the browser one. Now wouldn't that be cool. We could post our blogs and let passerbys search at will:)))