Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cupid's Day

What a great Valentine weekend!  I received valentine cards from great friends I haven't heard from in awhile.  What a treat! My brother Mike gave me the sweetest card I think I've EVER received from anyone.  He signed it "To my loving sister".....brought a tear to me eye.  Now I have to live up to that endearing title.  He also gave me pink roses and a helium filled balloon.  We had dinner together and it was just a sweet day!  Ron and I had lunch with the girls and their friends on Saturday and then we took my daughter Jamie for a makeover!  It was my treat to her.......she and her husband have been separated for almost a year and I thought she could use a little pampering and extra attention.  I plan to do the same for my other daughter next year!  It was just a fun weekend and I enjoyed every minute of it.  

Another friend emailed me today to let me know he has a new baby....Benjamin Michael.  How wonderful!  I wish they didn't live so far away in the UK but pictures are great too.  Another friend is expecting their first baby in about a week and they are right here in town so I know I'll get to cuddle this new little one.  

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day!  Any secret admirers?

This is for everyone who has had enough snow for the year!


Linda said...

Sounds like you did indeed have a nice week-end. A nice jesture from your brother was very nice, and I'm sure your daughter felt very pampered.

Around here it was just another day.

kenju said...

I worked for four hours in the flower shop, then came home, rested and cooked dinner. We were going to go out for dinner, but it was rainy and cold, and mr. kenju didn't want to go out. It wasn't my best one ever, but I'm glad to know that you had a good one!

Arkansas Patti said...

Same ole, same ole here which is normally good but glad you had such a special one. Pampering is a great present.

Anonymous said...

Love the snowman.