Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Never Ending Saga

I've been tied up for the past 4 days. Found a skilled nursing facility to take my mother who was supposed to be discharged yesterday but wasn't. I went to the hospital this morning expecting discharge but her blood work came back funky. Seems her potassium level is low so they are keeping her today to give her potassium and checking labs again tomorrow morning before deciding whether to discharge. She's been looking a little better but is still losing weight rapidly. She just can't keep food down.

My brother has been on the verge of a breakdown but is holding it together (barely). I feel so bad for him too. He's so anxious and there is nothing I can say to him that relieves that anxiety. I keep telling him to hang in there and try living on his own for awhile. He's on his way to see his doctor today and may have to go back on his anti-psychotic medication. The problem he has with it is it causes him to break out in a horrible rash that burns his skin. I just don't know how to help him.

Me....I'm here and functional at least for the time being. Work is such a stress. It takes me about an hour just to get my thoughts together and get productive. There is just so much on my mind I can't concentrate. I'm also having trouble sleeping. I fall asleep ok but I wake up every morning at 3:33 am and that's it for me. I'm up for good. Hope that straightens out soon.


kenju said...

Can you take a leave of absence from work for a while? That might help, and your employer might even like the idea, given the economy and all.

oklhdan said...

I'm on family medical leave right now and just coming in when I can. There are some things I just have to be here to do but they have been very flexible so far. I think I just wish I didn't have to worry about working at all.