Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ready for another weekend.

This weekend I hope to finish the project started last weekend. Ron and I spent two days painting his den which was in worse shape than even I imagined. The ceiling and walls hadn't been painted in at least 30 years but it could have been even longer. Ron inherited the home after his father's death so we really don't know if they had painted since the home's construction in 1967 or not. By the color of the ceiling I would have to guess NOT. It took two paint purchases before we settled on a color. Thankfully Ron is happy with it but it's a little bright for my taste. The woodwork is dark mahogany and it is hard to pick a color to go with it. I haven't convinced Ron to let me paint the woodwork YET!!!!! I will say the bright wall color has lightened up the room a bit so that helps. We finished all the painting but we have to hang pictures and take up the 40 year old rug. There are wood floors underneath so that will also lighten up the space as well. These are a few BEFORE pictures. When we finish hanging curtains, pictures, etc. I'll post the after........any helpful criticism is welcome. Decorating isn't might strong suit.

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kenju said...

The woodwork is beautiful, so I'd be hard pressed to cover it. We need to paint our den, which was wall-papered in peachy grass cloth at least 20 years ago. It has changed color and gotten so dark that the room is dreary. The wood is natural, but medium in tone, and I would love to see it all painted. Oh, the time it will take! :-/